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Heavy Bridal Collection - 5 Layer Indian Pearl Gold Necklace Set

Heavy Bridal Collection - 5 Layer Indian Pearl Gold Necklace Set

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Heavy Bridal Collection - 5 Layer Indian Pearl Gold Necklace Set. Long Mala, Earrings, Teeka included.

Immerse in the opulence of traditional Indian bridal adornment with our Heavy Bridal Collection. This exquisite 5 Layer Indian Pearl Gold Necklace Set is a symphony of craftsmanship and design, reflecting the grandeur of Indian heritage. The set includes a majestic long mala, cascading down in layers of lustrous pearls, each string meticulously strung to create a lavish collar of golden splendor.

Accompanying this centerpiece are elegant earrings, designed to complement the necklace with their intricate patterns and pearl embellishments. The earrings are crafted to add a regal touch to the bride's ensemble, framing the face with light and luxury.

The ensemble is completed with a teeka, a traditional Indian headpiece that rests delicately on the forehead, serving as the crowning jewel of this bridal set. The teeka’s chain is adorned with pearls and golden accents, designed to drape gracefully, integrating seamlessly with the rest of the set.

This set promises to be the heart of your bridal collection, promising to turn heads and accentuate the beauty of any bride on her special day. Ideal for weddings, this set ensures that every bride feels like royalty, with every piece crafted to perfection. Invoke the spirit of timeless Indian weddings with this stunning, heavy bridal gold necklace set—a true testament to the beauty of imitation jewelry.

We have unparalleled dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. We offer fine jewelry at affordable prices.

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